PhD in Fashion Theories and Practice in partnership with Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne University (PhD)

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About PhD in Fashion Theories and Practice in partnership with Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne University at Institut Français de la Mode

IFM and Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne University have jointly devised a doctoral program entirely dedicated to fashion and luxury.

This unique program entitled « Fashion Theories and Practice » offers a truly multidisciplinary approach (management, history, art history, law, design, aesthetics and art science) applied to the fashion and luxury sector.

Heir to both the Sorbonne and the Panthéon Law Faculty, Paris 1 University is one of the leading universities in the field of human and social sciences as well as law and economics.

Ranked 3rd best fashion school worldwide by The Business of Fashion, Institut Français de la Mode is a higher education institution whose research activities focus on the one hand on marketing and insights from social sciences in the areas of luxury, fashion and design, and on the other hand on the analysis of changes in the fields of production, consumption, distribution, international exchanges and lifestyle (fashion, textiles, design, luxury, perfume, cosmetics, food...).

The position of Paris as the world's fashion and haute couture capital has now found a unique academic extension with the creation of this doctoral studies program, offered jointly by two internationally renowned institutions, offering high-level education to all students wishing to prepare a thesis dedicated to fashion or luxury.

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Entry requirements

Applying for a PhD is no light matter. On an intellectual level, it requires understanding and knowledge of what one wishes to demonstrate, and on a personal level, long term determination.

The following requirements apply to Paris 1 doctoral schools:

Writing a 3-page research proposal on a unique and innovative topic, including significance of the research, resolution hypotheses, a discussion of the overall approach, methodological choices, literature framework, authors or textual documents, observation and analytical terrain;

Producing a brief bibliography-webography;

Establishing an estimated 3-year research timeline;

Producing proof of a Master's degree (M2) or equivalent, with GPA, especially for the dissertation, and with at least Upper Second honours;

If possible, sharing significant previous research work (Master's dissertation, academic article, etc)

The applicant is responsible for choosing his PhD supervisor within Paris 1 doctoral schools. He may approach a qualified professor or lecturer, who remains free to accept or refuse the applicant's request.

Once they have agreed on the research topic, its scope, feasibility and timeline, the PhD supervisor and the applicant mutually commit to bringing the thesis to its conclusion by signing an academic contract and a PhD charter. They engage in a human relationship, full of mutual understanding and scientific rigor.

Completing a PhD requires full intellectual and moral commitment which has an impact on the applicant's personal life and professional prospects for at least three years. Before applying, applicants are advised to thoroughly evaluate the feasibility of the project, the time will be able to commit to it, and the human and professional benefits they expect to gain from it.

What students think about Institut Français de la Mode

    Guillaume HENRY (Class of 2001), Creative Director, Nina Ricci

    Institut Français de la Mode turns its students into fashion design professionals. I was impressed by the pace of the projects and by the quality of the faculty dedicated to our program. Institut Français de la Mode puts you as close as possible to the reality of the industry, and embraces all the steps of the creative process, right up to the end product. A 360-degree learning experience!

    Vogue, 2 September 2015

    Since its creation, IFM has been considered as one of the best fashion design and fashion management schools.

    Tuomas MERIKOSKI (Class of 2002), Founder of Aalto International

    Usually nothing beats real experience in the industry, but Institut Français de la Mode is definitely the best program to prepare you for it. Institut Français de la Mode gave me the opportunity to mature my approach and pushed me to dig into who I was as a designer. Hard work, failures and successful projects, in an obsession to push you to the limit - this is the recipe to elevate a student from a bachelor to a master.

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