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About Master Integrated Care Design at HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht

In today's health and social care environment, professionals need to manage and deliver health services in such a way that all people have access to services that are provided in ways that responds to their preferences, are coordinated around their needs, and are safe, effective, timely, efficient and of good quality.

As the numbers of people with age-related comorbidity increases, so the growing complexity in their needs means that it has become more difficult to mobilize resources effectively to meet new demands.
Moreover, people have become more articulate users of care services and cultural diversity demands increasingly more specific expertise amongst care professionals and care teams.

The need to create more integrated systems of care delivery means that health care managers and professionals must take on new roles and learn new skills to develop the joint responsibility that will be needed for a more person-centered approach to care. There is a need for future care professionals to understand not only the future content-related aspects in dealing with more complex cohorts of patients and service users, but also to become experts in the managerial and relational skills necessary in working in new multi-disciplinary teams and environments.

The Aim of the Masters Course

This Masters course on Integrated Care Design seeks to provide senior-decision-makers, managers and care professionals with a cohesive and blended programme that seeks to understand how approaches to integrated care can support the delivery of the Triple Aim goals in care delivery: a better care experience for clients; better care outcomes and improved population health; and a more sustainable and cost effective care system.

The course is relevant to people working to achieve innovations in multi-disciplinary health and welfare delivery through service redesign. It is relevant to those working in municipal and health authorities, for insurers, within care providers, the third sector as well as patient associations.

Students on the course should be competent managers, professionals or advocates who are well placed to make a significant contribution to the future development of innovations that promote integrated care in complex, multidisciplinary settings.

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Candidates who have completed a course of higher professional education or a comparable competency level in the field of health care and welfare are eligible for admission to this program.

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