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About EMS in Manufacturing Automation & Digital Transformation at ESCP Europe - London Campus

The world of manufacturing is changing

As a consequence of the continuous social and economic global challenges, manufacturing companies are evolving their production systems, with particular focus on new management and technology skills.

The Executive Master in Manufacturing Automation & Digital Transformation (EMMA) will prepare future leaders for the 4th industrial revolution. Engineers are often forced into technical specialities and managers do not develop technological knowledge, meaning the end-to-end systemic view is often lost and opportunities missed. This programme blends together all these elements into a unique learning experience.

The best people are needed to face these challenges and take advantage of new developments. Only those who are highly skilled with a deep-rooted understanding of technology as well as markets, and with a forward-looking mindset, can unlock the potential of innovative manufacturing solutions.

The Executive Master in Manufacturing Automation & Digital Transformation is a 12-month, part-time programme now recruiting for September 2018. Begin your application

This Executive Specialised Master, designed and run in conjunction with Comau, will enable participants to:

  • Think strategically and lead technological and organisational change.

  • Dialogue with product / process design and technical departments to support the implementation of Automation Systems.

  • Identify needs and opportunities for applying automation technologies to manufacturing processes.

  • Actively contribute to the design and development of automation solutions as well as applying cost analysis and financial planning techniques.

  • Understand the main implications that characterise the interaction between man and machines.

  • Manage complex and technologically advanced portfolios of supplies and suppliers.

  • Ensure a strong project management governance.

  • Lead teams with the right people-management approach.

Study options for this course

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Entry requirements

Applicants can be company-sponsored or self-funded. There is no difference in the application process for either option.

To join the programme, applicants will be selected via a specific assessment process featuring tests and interviews. The following pre-requisites for application apply:

  • Exceptionally motivated and passionate about technology, manufacturing and management
  • Fluent in English; a further language is a bonus
  • Applicants must hold a Bachelor degree or higher in a technical discipline

Don't meet the entry requirements?

Consider a pre-masters or postgraduate pathway program at ESCP Europe - London Campus to prepare for your chosen course:

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