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1 Years

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EUR 12000 per year

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EUR 15200 per year

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About Accounting and Control at Erasmus School of Economics

Do you want to play a pivotal role in the accounting, auditing or assurance branch? The interactive Accounting, Auditing and Control programme at Erasmus School of Economics prepares you to do just that. It equips you with the skills to provide stakeholders with transparency through the collection, presentation and critical assessment of all relevant data. 
The master Accounting and Auditing is also your path to access the post-graduate programme that enables you to become a ‘Chartered Accountant’ (Certified Public Auditor), in Dutch: ‘Registeraccountant’. It covers all theoretical and practical aspects of collecting, categorising, summarising, analysing and using financial data in organisations. In paper assignments and group discussions we will not only introduce you to techniques and theoretical frameworks relevant to accounting and auditing,we also stimulate a critical, independent perspective toward this fascinating field.

Is this the right choice for you?

Are you a number-cruncher with an eye for what lies beyond the facts and figures? Do you follow and try to unravel corporate scandals in the news? Do you aim for an international career? The Accounting and Auditing programme will get you there.

If you possess the following traits, you are in a good position to apply for the programme:

  • You enjoy quantitative tasks and are good at them.
  • Your bachelor has given you a proper background in statistics as well as financial accounting and reporting.
  • Your social and qualitative skills enable you to communicate your results clearly and to work in teams.
  • By nature you are inquisitive, critical and meticulous.

Why study Accounting and Auditing in Rotterdam?

At Erasmus School of Economics, you find yourself in a city where all midsize and larger auditing firms are located. Add our vast and active network to the theoretical knowledge and practical skills you will gain from this programme, and you know this is the place to start your international career.
We believe in the power of experience. In fact, we are well-known and appreciated for it by employers everywhere and this hands-on approach is one of the things that give our accounting programmes their distinctive character.

Study Accounting and Auditing at Erasmus School of Economics for:

  • In-depth knowledge of every aspect of accounting and auditing
  • The skills to provide stakeholders with relevant and reliable information
  • An interactive and practice-based curriculum
  • An internationally orientated programme.

In addition, Erasmus School of Economics distinguishes itself from other universities by the fact that we offer students skills courses on writing, presenting and applying for a job, at the start of the programme. These courses are offered by each of the Big4 companies, which also gives you the possibility to learn more about them.

For excellent students we have the PwC Honours Master, providing you with a competitive edge for your resume. The Honours Master is characterised by a unique combination of theory and practice in accounting, auditing and control. A strong foundation in finance is added as an extra feature to further enhance your career opportunities. The programme is developed in close cooperation with PwC and includes significant interaction with the business community through guest speakers, projects with practitioners, business games, socialising over drinks and internship opportunities.

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  • The award How you will study How long you will study Course starts Domestic course fees International course fees
  • The awardMasterHow you will studyFull-timeHow long you will study1 year
    Course startsSeptemberDomestic course feesEUR 12000 per yearInternational course feesEUR 15200 per year

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