Master of Science in Cognac, Spirits and Wine Management (MSc)


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14 - 16 Months

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EUR 16000 per year

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About Master of Science in Cognac, Spirits and Wine Management at Audencia Business School

In France, we practice Art de Vivre (the art of living) – an approach to daily life that incorporates beauty, culture, flavour and connection. This is such a core part of our culture that France is recognised by UNESCO for Intangible Cultural Heritage in gastronomy (the art of food and drink).

This programme teaches you how to translate the tradition of Art de Vivre into a thriving business as is done in the French wine industry and Cognac – the only region in the world where Cognac is made, and the heart of the distilled spirits industry.

Build the operational focus and experience you need to run a successful business embodying French Art de Vivre:

  • Gain knowledge in fields needed to run an international business such as finance, marketing, strategy and intercultural management
  • Develop expertise in the production process, including distillation, aging and blending
  • Learn how to market a luxury lifestyle, weaving together customer experience, story, branding and the senses
  • Build knowledge of distribution practices and regulations, including import/export markets and trade
  • Master the culture and flavour of wine and premium French spirits, learning to create food pairings, mixed drinks and other products that resonate with key markets
  • Acquire training in a well-established Cognac market with huge potential for international growth

This programme is delivered in partnership between Audencia and the Cognac-producing region of Charente. You’ll split your time between these two partners for a combination of academic, cultural and on-site industry training:

  • Foundational business and management training
  • Courses in French Art de Vivre
  • Specialised operational courses in spirits management
  • Luxury marketing education
  • Tasting and pairing workshops
  • Master’s dissertation on an issue in Cognac and spirits management
  • Internship or company mission

Study options for this course

  • The award How you will study How long you will study Course starts Domestic course fees International course fees
  • The awardMScHow you will studyFull-timeHow long you will study14 - 16 months
    Course startsOctoberDomestic course feesEUR 16000 per yearInternational course fees find out

Notes about fees for this course

Core MSc track: 16,000€

Extended Msc track: 20,000€

Entry requirements

MSc programme:

  • Proficiency in English
  • 4-year bachelor’s degree in business or engineering, or exceptionally, a 4-year degree in another field with business experience or academic honours

The Extended MSc strongly recommended for applicants without a degree in business.

Extended MSc programme:

  • Proficiency in English   
  • 3-year or 4-year degree in any field

Note that you can apply during the last year of your bachelor’s studies

What students think about Audencia Business School

    Are you an Engineer-Manager, like Feras?

    “When I finished my engineering degree, the reason I went to Audencia was to develop my commercial management skills.”

    Feras, MSc in Management-Engineering (2010)
    Commercial Manager, QDVC Light Railway
    Transit System Project (Qatar)

    Are you a Career-Changer, like Sophie?

    “I like to have very concrete objectives and then be free enough to set up the means to achieve them myself.”

    Sophie, International Master in Management (2011)
    Former Mergers/Acquisitions Analyst, now Founder,
    The reporthair (France)

    Are you an Artist-Entrepreneur, like Yvan?

    “Technology offers a great opportunity, both for marketers to work with creators, and for creative entrepreneurs themselves to build new connections with their audience while monetising their creative work.”

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