Advanced Midwifery Practice (MSc, PG Cert, PG Dip)

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MSc, PG Cert, PG Dip

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1 year

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September, February

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About Advanced Midwifery Practice at Anglia Ruskin University

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This course is designed for midwives who are passionate about their practice and wish to develop their knowledge and skills to an advanced level. The aim of the course is to enable experienced midwives to develop the skills of independent thinking required for advanced midwifery practice. The specialist modules that make up the Advanced Midwifery Practice MSc encourage the midwife to further develop and enhance their existing knowledge and skill, both by exploring how to promote normality during childbirth and how to care for vulnerable women with complex needs. The supporting option modules are designed for midwives to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary for assuming leadership roles in clinical practice or research.

Course content

The course contains two 30 credit specialist modules.

The first module, Promoting Normality in Midwifery Care, addresses this key issue in current midwifery practice. Based on a sound understanding of the physiology of birth, the environmental, organisational, sociological and clinical influences impacting on normal birth are explored.

The second module, Midwifery Care for Women with Complex Needs, is a response to the most current CEMACH report. It will develop the perspectives gained in the first module by applying them to women with complex social, emotional and physical needs.

Methods of teaching and learning

The modules use a variety of teaching and learning strategies, including blended learning. This combines the flexibility of e-learning with the advantages of group interaction and reflection on practice. The course aims to accommodate students with all preferred styles of learning.

Associated careers

Whilst academically challenging, these courses are designed to provide midwives with both the knowledge and skills to enhance their practice to an advanced level. The confidence gained from a sound understanding of the physiology of birth will aid practitioners wishing to promote midwifery care in highly medicalised institutions or the community. Learning within a multidisciplinary cohort will enhance students? understanding of, and ability to work with, the different perspectives that may be encountered when promoting change within the multidisciplinary team that comprise the Maternity Services.


A variety of assessment methods are used, including critical reflective essays, portfolio presentation and, for the MSc, a Masters level major project of no more than 25,000 words. These are designed to demonstrate the range of knowledge and skills that would be expected of a practitioner working at an advanced level.

Entry requirements

Registered Midwife (or equivalent if international student)

Normally, an Honours Degree.

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