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BA (Hons)

How long you will study
3 - 4 Years

Domestic course fees
GBP 9250 per year

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GBP 13900 per year

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About Electronic Music at Anglia Ruskin University ARU

Explore electronic music from its beginnings to current and emerging trends on our full-time Electronic Music BA (Hons) degree in Cambridge. Experiment with music technologies, genres, styles and approaches and create a unique portfolio to launch your career as an electronic producer-artist.

  • Create electronic music drawing from electronic popular music, electronic dance music and experimental electronica, combining genres and technologies in innovative productions
  • Approach the course through your particular musical interests in individual and collaborative projects, and investigate new methods that will enhance your musical creativity
  • Prepare for a career in an industry that grew by 2% in 2017 to contribute a record £4.5 billion to the economy - up by £100 million on 2016 (uk.music.org).
  • Make full use of our industry-standard facilities and add the latest music software to your CV
  • Make the most of Cambridge's diverse music scene, from classical to UK rap, and our links to local networks such as Cambridge Arts Network and Cambridge Live
  • Perform at venues on-campus and around Cambridge such as Cambridge Junction and ARU's Academy, as well as festivals including the Big Weekend and Cambridge Folk Festival
  • Immerse yourself in our industrious student community - collaborate on projects such as music videos and film or computer game soundtracks

Drawing from over 100 years' worth of insights in applying electricity to music production, our BA (Hons) Electronic Music will challenge your expectations of electronic music, allowing you to explore links and connections between different forms of electronic music practice, and will give you the scope to experiment in creating your sound and musical identity.

You'll learn techniques that will prepare you for the world of electronic music production - a world that ranges across commercial and experimental music, from pop production through to electronic dance music, electronica, music for media and experimental music.

You'll also explore the history of electronic music, from its early twentieth century pioneers through to krautrock, synthpop, industrial, techno and on to more recent trends in this diverse field of music making, identifying practices that you can incorporate into your own music.

Whether your interests lie in songwriting and music production emphasising electronic sound, creative experimental approaches, or exploring the genres and sub-genres of electronic dance music, this course will allow you to make the most of them. Over 3 years, you'll study modules across four different strands, developing your knowledge and skills in production; performance; the contexts and histories of electronic music; and creative entrepreneurship for music.

You'll also acquire electronic music production techniques using digital audio workstations (e.g. Logic X, Ableton Live and Pro Tools HD), and gain experience using a variety of analogue and digital technologies to produce your projects.

Our optional modules will allow you to broaden your experience by applying these skills to music for media projects (for example, in games, films and apps).

Throughout your studies, you'll be supported by a teaching team with wide-ranging expertise in electronic music, popular music and creative music technology. You can also join our Electronic Music Society, which hosts weekly workshops and organises live performances and club nights.

Study options for this course

  • The award How you will study How long you will study Course starts Domestic course fees International course fees
  • The awardBA (Hons)How you will studyFull-timeHow long you will study3 - 4 years
    Course startsSeptemberDomestic course feesGBP 9250 per yearInternational course feesGBP 13900 per year

Entry requirements

We welcome applications from international and EU students, and accept a range of international qualifications.

For information on entry requirements for international students, please visit the entry qualifications for your country page.

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What students think about Anglia Ruskin University ARU

    Yang Qinlin, studying the MA Illustration and Book Arts

    Testimonial from Yang Qinlin, studying the MA Illustration and Book Arts, student at Anglia Ruskin University ARU

    "The UK has a long and distinguished history of art and design. At the same time, it has a lot of modern and avant-garde academic and industry knowledge and experience. This deeply attracted me to study in the UK and apply to the MA Illustration and Book Arts course at the Cambridge School of Art with its 160-year history. It is a very forward-looking subject, combining new technologies, traditional skills and art theories.

    I hope to improve my creative thinking, illustration skills and understanding of book art through the course. I would like to interpret traditional culture and show the world we live in by applying creativity and new techniques.

    I started the autumm trimester online due to the travel situation and am going to Cambridge in January. The MA course is very interesting but challenging at the same time. There are both theoretical and practical modules, such as Sequence and Series. I have to do a lot of academic reading with new academic terms.

    My tutors are very helpful and encouraging. After a few weeks of study, I can clearly see my own progress and achievements, in academic English reading as well as the understanding of theoretical concepts. I have tried to read extensively, including journal articles and art books."

    Alessia, studying the BSc (Hons) Business and Human Resource Management

    Testimonial from Alessia, studying the BSc (Hons) Business and Human Resource Management, student at Anglia Ruskin University ARU

    "I joined ARU two and half years ago and I made it my mission to get involved in everything I could.

    In the very first few months of university, I took part in ARU’s intern programme, working in the Faculty of Business and Law, which gave me the chance to develop my skills, get mentoring and grow both personally and professionally.

    Because ARU is such a vibrant environment, it was easy to get involved with more and I soon became a Student Ambassador, working during Open Days. Working closely with ARU’s staff made me feel so supported and encouraged that I even found the courage to challenge myself and deliver student life talks for the university and co-deliver welcome talks with faculty staff.

    I was also a course rep, which has now led me to represent the whole faculty. This is excellent for my CV as well making sure our students' voices are heard.

    All of these opportunities have built up and helped me believe in myself, in my abilities and, most importantly, boost my confidence. Of course, they are excellent for professional progression and my CV, too."

    Deividas, studying the BSc (Hons) Public Health

    Testimonial from Deividas, studying the BSc (Hons) Public Health, student at Anglia Ruskin University ARU

    Moving to a foreign country for me was extremely challenging, but right now, I am proud of my decision. I am from Lithuania, and my trip started from there. It was not easy to say goodbye to my family, friends and hobbies, but it was a new beginning in my life.

    The first day at university was scary, but at the same time, exciting. I didn't know anyone, and I was not very confident about my English level. Freshers’ Week helped me to meet new people, understand what I should expect from life in the UK and find new activities which I would do for the entire year. Day by day I started to make more connections and friends who became a part of my life at ARU.

    I spent the first month adapting to my new beginning. I had to buy lots of stuff for my room and kitchen. Moreover, I started to explore the city which would be my home for three years. Also, I met my tutors for the first time, and I started to get acquainted with the UK study system. At the beginning, for me, understanding the British accent was most challenging. I started to worry: could I do this? I was shy to ask or to say anything during class, even when I knew the right answer.

    After a few weeks, things started to get better. I started to understand my tutor better and get involved in the class. Finally, I had to comprehend that it was my new life and it was set to be a unique and unforgettable experience.

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