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UK Tuition Fees Lowest of the Big 3 Study Destinations!

Now is a good time to study in the UK. With the lowest tuition fees of the three biggest study abroad destinations and a good currency exchange rate you can get good value for money from a UK University degree.

The research was carried out by consultancy firm i-graduate and was commissioned by the International and Europe Unit (IEU) to investigate the current situation with the pricing of education for international students within the UK and it’s competitor countries.
Tuition fees in the USA were the highest of all ten of the surveyed destinations which along with the UK and Australia, included destinations which have recently grown in popularity such as the Netherlands, New Zealand and Canada. … Read more

Ask Anna – What do I need to know about funding my studies?

Studying abroad is an exciting experience and a wonderful opportunity to expand your horizons. It is important to give some thought to how you are going to fund your studies so you know money worries won’t get in your way once you get started.
Key things to think about:

  • Your Income
  • Your expenses

Typically most students will use a mix of sources of finance to see them through their studies. You may be lucky enough to obtain a Scholarship or a Bursary towards your studies. If not there are many different sources of funding to consider. There are student loans, money from your family & friends, personal savings and money you can earn through employment.
If you are planning on getting part-time work whilst you study, remember not to overdo it and be aware of the rules as we discussed last month.
Expenses … Read more