Business Studies and Magic not likely company


Business Studies and Magic not likely company

There are students with all kinds of interests and from all kind of backgrounds coming to business schools. Therefore we have interviewed some of the more interesting students for you to find out what brought them here.
Can you please tell me a little about yourself?
I am Viththiyapathy Chandirakumar also known as Magic VT. I was born in France and grew-up in Aulnay-Sous-Bois (93). I am a dynamic, motivated, ambitious, perseverant, patient and highly numerate student, who can work at a fast pace effectively. I take on challenges and work hard to achieve my goals. In addition to team working skills, I am very good at making new and build strong relationships with others. The fact that I am a professional magician helps me towards this.
When did you start learning magic? Why?
I had the interest in magic since I was 6 years old. It started when I saw a magic show in my nursery school. Then, I started learning magic at the age of 8, starting with very small magic tricks which came in a French magazine with an explanative video cassette. I had interest in magic because of its entertaining power and the way people like and enjoy looking at magic tricks. I like entertaining people. Then I joined the Magic Academy at the age of 14 and started learning more advanced magic tricks.
What was your biggest challenge so far?
The magic academy had a museum inside it, in which daily shows keep happening for visitors. At the end of the year, the show wasn’t performed by the professional magician that used to do that but by the students that learnt magic during the year. I had to show magic tricks for the first time in front of 150 people. This was the first time that I had to perform in front of people that I didn’t know before. I had to interact and entertain everyone which was quite challenging at the time.
What’s your favourite trick?
My favourite trick is the first trick that I learnt in the magic academy: the ball magic. This might be because of the first impression it gave to me when I saw it for the first time. I also like the story that comes with it. This magic is very simple but can attract a lot of people and make them laugh. What I like with the ball magic is that it is dedicated to any kind of audience. Even a 6 years old kid can enjoy the ball magic. Whereas for some card tricks, it can be hard for children to keep track of what’s going on.

What was it about magic that attracted you?
Since I was 8 years old, I went on with the magic field in which I have grown a great interest. After becoming quite adept with magic tricks, I started to perform magic shows on stages. While communicating with others, I feel very comfortable due to my interest in magic. Being a magician is a job that requires lots of techniques and lots of communication skills. While I work with other magicians, I take the time to talk to them and learn new ideas about magic tricks. During a show in front of hundreds of people, I talked to the audience very clearly and confidently in order to attract more people and get their attention. I sometimes call people onto the stage and communicate with them for a special performance. At the end of the show, I have the chance to meet and discuss with many fans.
Why have you chosen to undertake a Business degree?
I chose to undertake a Business degree due to the business background that my family have. The reasons that I want to learn business is because I used to assist my father in his various business establishments where I observed his social skills, communication skills and business skills when dealing with colleagues and customers. This experience gave me all the encouragement necessary to make myself useful in his business and to follow in my father’s footsteps.
What were the top 3 reasons you choose to study at University of Westminster?
I choose to study in the University of Westminster because it is located in central London. I also like Westminster because it has a good syllabus for my Business Management programme. I also choose the University of Westminster because of its reputation and also due to my friends who are also studying here.
Will you continue performing?
Initially, I was learning close-up magic until the age of 18. Then, I started learning stage magic such as dove magic or levitating people, which is much more complex than standard close-up magic. That was becoming more complex and more interesting. However, I had to stop going to the academy since I moved to the UK to study Business but this hasn’t stopped my passion for magic. I am still performing and will continue doing so.
Have you bribed teachers for marks with magic tricks?
I haven’t bribed teachers with magic tricks! However, I did magic in my group meetings when stress levels were high and everyone got tired and not motivated to work. This has helped me give a boost the moral in my mates and regain motivation in order to focus with the studies with a brief cheerful distraction and laughter.
Are there any other hidden talents we don’t know about?
Apart from magic skills, I have also developed skills in various fields such as tennis, swimming, chess, Judo and horse-riding and these skills have helped me to develop my public relations skills both in and outside the University. I am also a good singer. The skills developed by my involvement in these activities have enabled me to confidently participate in group activities which are the backbone of business management studies.
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Good Luck with all your exams and final coursework 🙂

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