Brussels based master’s degrees in international studies

By University of Kent Brussels School of International Studies

University of Kent's Brussels School of International Studies

The University of Kent’s Brussels School of International Studies (BSIS) has a reputation for delivering research-led graduate programmmes taught by a combination of high-quality academics and practitioners.

Studying in Brussels gives students a unique opportunity to complete a master’s degree, while having access to outstanding networking and professional contacts. Students do this through the numerous internships available with a wide range of organisations, or by attending guest lectures, conferences and seminars, of which there are thousands a year.

Why should I study in Brussels?

A typical day at BSIS

University of Kent’s BSIS

Our location in Brussels enables us to call upon the considerable talent available in the city.  Working in the EU Institutions, NATO, lobbying firms, and international companies are a number of skilled individuals with a rich academic background as well as professional experience in their area of research. We make active use of the presence of international institutions to organise our own public lecture series and host conferences.

While being an integral part of the University of Kent, a top 20 UK university, we give students an opportunity to study international affairs in a city where key decisions are taken on a daily basis, be it on the Eurozone crisis or on deployment of troops on NATO’s eastern borders. Students have the opportunity to specialise in two subjects within their degree, for example an MA in International Conflict and Security with International Law. Although our focus is on international studies, we link back to how this integrates with the EU and the EU’s relationship with the outside world e.g. through our degree in EU External Relations.

What would my typical day look like as a student at BSIS?

A typical day at BSIS, might look something like this: In the morning lecture you discuss the impact of new free trade agreements on the power of states. In the afternoon seminar you test the applicability of different theoretical models on the Ukraine crisis. After that you meet your fellow students to prepare a simulation game in international negotiations. Finally, during the evening guest lecture a leading official of the European Commission comes to speak about the energy diversification strategy of the EU.

A typical day at BSIS

A typical day at BSIS

Achieving a balance between the theoretical and the practical is at the heart of what we do. One example is our module on Negotiation and Mediation – in order to solve international conflicts, the combination of theory and practice is essential, and this module blends these two to equip students with these skills. EU Migration Law is another module which provides students with a sound grounding in the law governing regular migration within the European Union as well as an opportunity to undertake an internship at the EU Rights Clinic and put their theoretical knowledge to use. At BSIS, we want our students to contribute to discussion, initiate debate and be curious about what they are learning.

What is student life like in Brussels?

Brussels is a fantastic city to be a student. Alongside the professional opportunities, you have a surprisingly diverse city with a packed schedule of cultural events, music festivals and loads of green space. Eating and drinking is a big part of the Belgian lifestyle and the beers, chocolate and frites are just a small sample of the excellent variety of food here. You can make the most of your time here by combining the professional side of the city, surrounding yourself with many different languages and a stimulating environment while exploring the quirky side of Belgian life – from the numerous flea markets, art deco buildings and working your way through a standard Belgian beer menu!

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