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An architecture degree offers you a unique combination of design, culture, science an technology. It gives you the skills you need to design and create new buildings, from private homes to skyscraper office towers, shopping centres and hotels.

Architecture courses are highly competitive, despite the relatively low starting graduate salary. They often take up to five years to complete, and should include plenty of practical training through internships. Make sure your architecture degree is accredited by local architecture organisations.

Once you graduate from architecture school, you are more likely to work in a private practice – often your own business. But you may also find creative and rewarding work for government or commercial organisations.

As well as architecture, you can also study urban design (and learn how to develop cities of the future), interior design or landscape design. Building courses are also available at colleges and university, giving you professional skills to make these designs come to life.

StudyLink offers you choice from over 1000 quality architecture and building programs and courses worldwide:

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Which Architecture and Building course is right for you?

We have selected over 1000 Architecture and Building courses at different levels of cost, location and reputation for you to compare and apply to online.

  • Subjects required – Maths and Science – see course descriptions for further details
  • Tuition fees – range on average from US$10,000 to US$23,000+ per year
  • English level – from IELTS 6 or TOEFL 550 (paper) 213 (computer) – depending on the subject, level and institution*

*Students with a lower score may still be accepted if they complete an English language course or a foundation year before going on to their chosen degree.

Types of Architecture and Building course

You can study Architecture and Building at diplomaundergraduate and postgraduate level. Postgraduate study is highly regarded by specialised employers.

It is increasingly popular to study a joint degree, such as agriculture/business, or environmental science/law. This adds practical, career-focused skills to your scientific studies. Many students also add a language to their agriculture or environmental science degree, to expand their career and travel opportunities.

Entry requirements vary, but all international applicants from non-English speaking countries will need to prove a certain level of English language ability.

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