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Hotel Management Degrees

While it sounds straightforward, Hotel Management is a complex and extremely rewarding profession. While it often includes overseeing the daily functions of a hotel, from room management to the upkeep of facilities, it also includes direct relationships with hundreds of clients.

As a hotel manager, you work closely with hotel staff and your hotel guests, to develop the ideal balance of a rewarding and professional environment for those who travel and require accommodation. The skills you learn include international marketing, food preparation, financial analysis, and management of team dynamics.


As with any degree, admission requirements often vary from institution to institution. With that being said, a high school diploma or equivalent is often the basic requirement to study in the field of Hotel Management. Basic knowledge of economics, accounting, and customer relations would be beneficial in preparing you for this degree.


Hotel Management may sound like an extremely specific field, but in reality it combines the study of a wealth of subjects to help you prepare for all the different situations you’ll find yourself in when you enter the industry.

While specific courses like Hotel Front Office Operations, Housekeeping Management, and Dining Room Service and Management exist, there are also more generic courses such as College English and Service Leadership.

Courses will differ depending on where you study, but the above courses should give you a good idea of what to generally expect from the institution of your choice.


While Hotel Management is indeed a niche degree, other specialisations are often offered within the degree. Specialisations within a Hotel Management degree can include, but are not limited to:

  • Event Management
  • Concierge Services
  • Culinary Management
  • Food and Beverage Management
  • Resort Management


The accreditation of your degree often depends on the country the degree is awarded in. Usually, countries have a specific accreditation system they use for their institutions, students, and eventual graduates.

There is no typical mandatory certification for Hotel Managers, as roles can be so varied in the field, allowing for easy access to the industry.

Timeframe and Further Studies

A Bachelor’s degree in Hotel Management can often be achieved in 3 years, with many choosing to take an extra placement year to increase their knowledge and practise the skills being taught. To find out the exact timeline, make sure to check your institution’s website, or call an advisor.

Masters degrees are available, but topics covered vary by institution.