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The School of Science and Technology at Nottingham Trent University (NTU) is one of the few places in the UK where you can study core sciences alongside innovative areas like computing and technology, forensics, sport and biomedical sciences.

From day one you will study in world-class facilities, gaining hands-on experience of the advanced technical equipment used in core and emerging technologies. Throughout your course you will learn specialist skills which are highly valued in industry.

Our undergraduate and postgraduate courses are inspiring and innovative and are designed to be industrially relevant for a wide range of careers or futures in research and academia.


We offer year long, paid placements at both undergraduate and postgraduate level. This invaluable opportunity will allow you to gain vital work experience in your chosen field and enhance your employability upon graduation. We have over 260 industrial partners for industry placements, including Microsoft, CERN, ARM, GlaxoSmithKline, Nottingham Forest Football Club, HP, Xerox, Siemens and Experian.


In this stimulating, practical and creative environment we equip students with the knowledge and transferable skills to put them ahead of the graduate crowd.

Nottingham is home to a growing community of science, gaming and technology businesses, so when you graduate you will find plenty of employment opportunities right here on the doorstep. In fact, 91% of our graduates* are employed or engaged in further study within six months of leaving NTU. * Of those available for work, DHLE survey 2011-12.

State-of-the-art facilities

NTU’s Clifton campus, hosts a range of first class facilities, equipment and technology supporting leading edge research and high quality courses, including:

World Class Research

Our extensive links with industry, coupled with the relevance of our research specialisms ensure that many projects benefit from external funding from highly respected sources. This has included £7.65 million for cancer research from the John and Lucille van Geest Foundation, £1 million for ground-breaking 3D security imaging research and a rare funding boost from the US for spider-silk fusion research.

Nottingham is a fantastic city to study and graduate in as a scientist as 1 in 5 jobs in the city are within the science sector.

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Postgraduate bursaries and scholarships are available across a wide range of courses including: Sport Science, Biosciences, Chemistry, Computing and Technology, Physics, Forensics and Science. Click here for more information.

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Student Reviews

MSc Internet and Security - Nottingham Trent University

Testimonial from MSc Internet and Security - Nottingham Trent University, student at The School of Science and Technology

Postgraduate profile
Azza Mohamed

"I joined NTU for postgraduate studies directly after completing my undergraduate BSc degree overseas. My high academic achievements led to achieving the International Student Scholarship.

Multiple factors influenced my choice of postgraduate studies. The UK’s and NTU's reputation for exceptional education, along with my thirst to experience different cultures and systems were amongst the top reasons. Family influence played a role also as my father completed his postgraduate education in Nottingham.

Postgraduate studies are more self-driven and carry more responsibilities. The teacher is more of a friend who guides, and the responsibility to educate yourself and pursue extra areas of interest lie within your own hands. This by itself is a challenge and maintaining it requires a lot of work and effort.

The teaching and educational facilities available for students are above my expectations. Every resource is made readily available including libraries, online resources and well equipped group study rooms.

The course has enhanced my skills in multiple areas including academic knowledge, new programming languages and research and personal skills such as creativity and management. This is of paramount importance in building my future career.

I would highly recommend this course - the field of internet and security is becoming increasingly important. The opportunity for an industrial placement is a rare opportunity that this course helps facilitate."

MSc Biomedical Science Flexible Learning - Nottingham Trent University

Testimonial from MSc Biomedical Science Flexible Learning - Nottingham Trent University, student at The School of Science and Technology

Postgraduate Profile
Emma Copperwaite

"I had been working in an NHS Haematology/Transfusion laboratory for three years when I came across the flexible Biosciences course at NTU.

I first heard about this degree through the IBMS website. I was looking for an accredited long distance course and found this was my favourite because of the specialised syllabus and the ability to carry out the modules at my own pace whatever time of day.

I read about the bursary award for this course on the NTU website. The bursary application was really straightforward and easy to complete. I had to explain my reasons for applying and how I was suitable for the bursary.

Without financial assistance I believe that I would have found it very difficult to complete this course over the two years and would perhaps have had to prolong my study to be able to manage the payments. Being awarded the bursary was a huge privilege and it has allowed me to concentrate on the course content instead of worrying about finding the next payment, for which I am extremely grateful.

The course is highly specific to my line of work and attendance will benefit the department by producing a more knowledgeable and experienced member of staff. This will improve both the quality of service and patient experience as well as ensuring my continuous professional development within the NHS.

My undergraduate research project was concerned with stem cells and the amount of apoptosis that occurs with overnight storage at 4◦C. This has encouraged me to read around the subject of stem cells and I believe these amazing cells have yet to be fully understood. I hope that my postgraduate research project will also give me passion for another subject area.

Science is forever changing and the structure of scientists within the NHS is under development in accordance with modernising scientific careers. I hope to be involved with these changes and progress both academically and professionally, with hope of becoming a senior Biomedical Scientist in the near future."

MRes Sports and Exercise Science - Nottingham Trent University

Testimonial from MRes Sports and Exercise Science - Nottingham Trent University, student at The School of Science and Technology

Postgraduate Profile
Lewis Mattin

"After looking around the university on an open day I was amazed by the quality of the equipment throughout the university on Clifton.

The BSc (Hons) Exercise, Nutrition and Health degree course allows students to understand up to date, relevant sports science data in a hands-on job related environment with the most up to date equipment.  I  liked the fact that each course module was different, keeping each subject interesting, but with elements that allowed learning to overlap. 

After finishing my undergraduate course I started looking for Masters Courses. I could not find a university with the same facilities and equipment that would help me achieve in the areas of sports science.  Through my academic career I have developed the ability to apply scientific principles in the design, data collection and write up of nutrition/ physiology research projects.

 All of my lecturers over my four years at Nottingham Trent University helped me with my studies, from drop in sessions, labs and lectures. They also helped me to achieve one publication and funding from the European Hydration Institute to begin research on another.

 Nottingham is a busy city, which is easy to get to and cheap when living as a student and after student life. I am now working for Nottingham Trent University as a Laboratory Technician in CELS.

During my social time I am also continuing to research within the areas of sports science and nutrition with the help from fellow lecturers to add more published research to my CV.   

The more you put into your time at university, the more you will get out. University is a stepping stone to your future. So use it wisely."

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