Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University (XJTLU)

Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University (XJTLU) is a truly unique institution, jointly founded by Xi'an Jiaotong University and the University of Liverpool. It is the only international collaborative university in China where all undergraduate (Bachelors) students receive two degrees (dual award) from the Chinese Ministry of Education and from the University of Liverpool. Masters students will receive a degree from the University of Liverpool.

Founded in 2006 with an initial intake of just 164 students, the University has grown rapidly. We now have over 8,000 students on campus with a further 2,500 studying at Liverpool under a 2+2 articulation agreement. XJTLU undergraduate students may study the entire degree programme in Suzhou, China, or start study in Suzhou and then complete the final two years at the University of Liverpool.

At XJTLU, International students who are native or near-native English Language speakers can be exempt from the XJTLU Year 1 study and complete their degree in three years (subject to qualifications).

XJTLU is independent, but draws for guidance and experience upon its two parent universities, both of which are over one hundred years old and highly respected international pioneers. The University recruits students from China and abroad at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels and also receives visiting, exchange and Chinese Language Studies students.


All degree programmes taught in English: Over 30 undergraduate degree programmes and 29 Masters programmes.

International learning environment

More than 450 academic staff members from 50 countries. Over 8,000 students on campus, with a further 2,500 studying at the University of Liverpool.

Internationally-recognised UK degree from the University of Liverpool

Students receive two degrees (dual award) upon completion of an undergraduate programme (the XJTLU degree from the Chinese Ministry of Education and the University of Liverpool degree).

Postgraduates will receive a degree from the University of Liverpool.

Student Support

Our International Student Recruitment and Support (ISRS) team provides a range of services to help make students' experience at XJTLU go smoothly. ISRS help with all questions that international students have whilst at the University and in China. There is a range of facilities to be accessed plus a support network for international students and their families to ensure that students enjoy their time here.

Located in Suzhou (SIP), China

  • One of the largest economies in China (in terms of GDP)
  • A modern international city which maintains its cultural heritage
  • Lower living cost compared to neighbouring Shanghai (25 minutes away by high-speed train)

Learn Chinese while you study for your degree

  • All international students have the opportunity to study Chinese language
  • Bilingual graduates (English and Chinese language) are highly sought after in the global job market

Great career prospects

  • Enhanced employment prospects as a result of (i) globally recognised degree(ii) multilingualism (iii) knowledge of China and cultural understanding
  • Many of our graduates go on to do Masters and PhDs at universities ranking within the global top 100
  • Airport pickup and reception services
  • Course and Career Counselling services
  • Special enrolment and orientation
  • International student clubs and associations
  • On-campus accommodation
  • Social Activities
  • Sporting facilities
  • Sporting facilities - variety of clubs
  • Sporting facilities - Gym
  • Sporting facilities - Team sports

International students can choose from various apartments around the campus.

The Suzhou Industrial Park Education Development & Investment Limited Company (SIPEDI) provides dormitory/apartment services to all students/staff in the Dushu Lake Higher Education Town where the University is located. Currently, the available apartment buildings are: R&D Apartments, Scholar's Garden and the International Student Apartments (C area).

We will book accommodation for you as soon as you have been given an unconditional offer and paid a deposit of RMB10,000 (around USD1,500) to secure your place at the University. 

For more information, please contact:   International Student Recruitment and Support
Tel.: +86 512 8816 1889/1863 Fax: +86 512 8816 1087 Email:  international@xjtlu.edu.cn 111 Ren’ai Road, Dushu Lake Higher Education Town, Suzhou Industrial Park, Jiangsu Province, China 215123  

Entry Scholarship

The University offers a generous international student entry scholarship for the 2016/17 intake of up to 50 percent off the first year tuition fee. This is based on academic merit and its annual renewal is dependent on your continuing strong academic performance. For more details about this scholarship, please visit our website.

Government Scholarships 

The Chinese Ministry of Education and the Jiangsu provincial government also offer generous scholarships.

Progression Scholarship

Progression scholarships are awarded annually on the basis of an undergraduate student’s overall average marks in the previous academic session.

Scholarship for Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan students

The Ministry of Education and the Jiangsu provincial government also offer scholarships for Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan students.

The University of Liverpool discount

Students enrolling at XJTLU in the 2016/17 academic year, who choose to transfer to the University of Liverpool on the 2+2 study route, will be offered a discount of 15 percent off the tuition fees of the University of Liverpool. Please refer to our website for full details about scholarship requirements and conditions.

University of Liverpool

Our XJTLU full-time students have the opportunity to transfer to the University of Liverpool with the 2+2 and 4+x study routes, subject to academic achievement.

Our 2+2 study route involves studying the first two years of your degree at XJTLU in Suzhou and the final two years at the University of Liverpool in the UK.

Students on the 4+x programme route spend their entire degree programme at XJTLU, but can apply for a masters at the University of Liverpool at a discounted price. All students on all undergraduate programmes, whether they complete their entire degree at XJTLU (4+x) or via 2+2, will receive two degrees - one from XJTLU and one from the University of Liverpool.

Study Abroad

XJTLU now has a number of exciting one or two semester study abroad options with some of the world’s top universities. Depending on your subject you may be able to spend part of your degree at top 200 universities in Europe, the UK, North America or New Zealand. We are a member of the prestigious Study Abroad Foundation (SAF) which also allows short term study options and summer schools in unparalleled academic settings.

  • Year institution founded: 2006
  • Total enrolled: 10000
  • International to domestic ratio: 9
  • Average student age: 22
  • Number of Full-time students: 9500
  • Number of Part-time students: 500
  • Number of academic staff: 450
  • Number of Professors: 40
  • Percentage of staff with a PhD or Masters: 95
  • Year MBA first offered: 2013

Mon - Sun, 8am - 11pm, Extension during Examination Week

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Student Reviews

Bingyu Li, MRes Molecular Bioscience

Testimonial from Bingyu Li, MRes Molecular Bioscience, student at Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University (XJTLU)

“Biological science is like a magic box full of amazing secrets to be discovered. Successful study takes determination, top facilities and support from quality academic staff. It’s fascinating to learn advanced technologies and gain knowledge from international staff and researchers. This experience is the perfect step for my future career in this field.”

David Afolabi, MRes Computer Science

Testimonial from David Afolabi, MRes Computer Science, student at Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University (XJTLU)

“The fast pace of China’s development is fuelled by its technological advancements, and I decided that joining XJTLU will position me at the helm of cutting-edge and innovative technology. I studied computer science and technology at undergraduate level and I have not been disappointed by XJTLU ‘s unique mix of western and eastern educational and cultural styles.”

Valur Blomsterberg, BA Marketing

Testimonial from Valur Blomsterberg, BA Marketing, student at Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University (XJTLU)

“Studying in China for the past three years was an extraordinary experience and one that has shaped me in ways I could never have imagined. It has opened my mind to whole new views on friendship, business, relationships, and health. I was fortunate enough to find XJTLU when searching for a degree in Marketing so that I could experience Chinese culture first hand while still receiving a world-class education. XJTLU is truly a unique place that at times made me forget I was half way across the world, but also gave me the opportunity to explore fascinating new things around every corner. However, what made XJTLU truly different from any other university in the world to me is how it combines characteristics of east and west to prepare us as future leaders for the increasingly global environments we face today. Having concluded another chapter in my life, I am now moving on to start my career in marketing for a global company in Beijing; confident that I have the knowledge I need to succeed and continue to be successful no matter where my ambitions take me.”

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