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  • MScFull-timeOctober12 months
Course Information
The programme is intended for business analysts, administrators, government policy makers and economists interested in how firms behave. It provides a thorough analysis of business both at firm and industry level. Compulsory and optional modules provide the techniques and evidence to understand how industries are structured, how firms behave within them and the impact of these factors on the performance of firms.
Programme Content

Compulsory modules

* Business Analysis
* Regulation
* International Business Strategy and Environment
* Research Methods

Optional modules

* International Management and Business Culture
* Introductory Econometrics
* Managing Innovation
* Technological Innovation and Industrial Competitiveness
* New Issues in Globalisation
* Contemporary Issues in International Business
* The WTO and the Developing Countries
* Regional Integration and Development
* Small Business Economics
* Business Strategy in the New Economy

(Optional modules may also be taken in the areas of international development, the economics of transition economies and trade).
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