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So, the big question that you as a potential student will be asking yourself: why should I choose to study at dBs Berlin? There are some short answers and some very long answers to this question. Most of these you can find by reading our website. But here is the jist of it...

dBs Music Berlin

If you are interested in a career in the music industry, then look no further. At dBs Music Berlin, you can study Music Production, Electronic Music Production, Sound Engineering and Music Technology in Diploma & Degree Courses in Berlin, Germany.

dBs Film Berlin

If you want to make your way in the film industry, you can study Cinematography, Film Editing, Storytelling, Directing, Post Production & Virtual Reality at dBs Film in Berlin, Germany.

Our Team

Learn with our team of international tutors, soaking up their extensive industry and academic experience. Our team will provide you with the care, support and stimulation to get the most out of your time with us.

Passion in Progress

As educators, we believe it is our job to ignite your passion and help you keep it burning. Passion is the fire that will heat your creative juices to boiling point.

Doing & Collaboration

Learning through doing and collaboration are key to the dBs approach. Of course our students also learn the theory which supports their doing. But doing is paramount and we think it is part of our duty to provide them with at least some of the ten thousand hours of practice that Anders Ericsson believes they need to become a real expert.

Collaboration is a part of everyday dBs life. Collaboration with our fellow students in dBs FilmdBs Music and other affiliates, collaboration with our tutors, collaboration across the wider online community and collaboration with the music industry experts and organisations with whom we are working in partnership.


Play is also a crucial ingredient in a dBs centre. In fact at times it can feel like a technological toy room. In a dBs centre we tend to assume that the wider the smile, the harder the work going on and the deeper the exploration.

Fun though a technological toy room can be, the technology alone is not enough. The most important ingredient is an environment which constantly encourages and develops creativity.

Technology married with creativity is what really makes our hearts sing.

NEW IN 2017: Artist Residencies

We’re always looking for more ways to support your stay in Berlin, so we’re excited to announce we have successfully partnered with an experienced property developer to provide some artist residences for dBs Students, in close proximity to the Funkhaus.

The first phase will be available from 2017, with a limited number of accommodations available to enrolled dBs Students. Initially these artist residences will only be available for 1st year students and the contract will be for 1 year only. They will provide a huge benefit as you will be able to book and confirm your accommodation in advance.

These spaces will be very cool places to live and work! There will be a small cluster of bedrooms around a large shared living space with kitchen and bathroom facilities. More detailed information is available here. We expect the cost to be around €450 per tenant, per month.

  • Year institution founded: 1999
  • Total enrolled: 220
  • Average student age: 23
  • Number of Full-time students: 220
  • Number of academic staff: 27

9:30 - 00:00

Other Information

Our learning

  • Courses are delivered in English - the language of the international music and film business
  • Music industry connections in the UK and Germany
  • Industry experienced tutors
  • High level o
Student Reviews

The vibe

Testimonial from The vibe, student at dBs Berlin

"I really like the whole vibe of collaborating and showing tips to each other. Class teaches us a lot, but other students and technicians probably just as much. Whether it is advice about: how to build a live set, how to write better lyrics, how to enhance this mic by using this preamp, or how to progressively give some sense of depth to your songs. My favourite part is the small stuff that takes a few sentences to explain but really helps you step up your game and makes you feel supported."

The passion

Testimonial from The passion, student at dBs Berlin

“If you’re passionate about music or film and want to learn about these subjects, while living in an incredible city that has everything to offer that one could wish for, you should definitely go for dBs!”

The resources

Testimonial from The resources, student at dBs Berlin

"dBs has all the resources you need to grow and nourish yourself, but they leave it up to you to decide how far you would like to push yourself. It's a great method! All the teachers are willing to help and spend time with you until you understand everything fully. Plus, they are genunienly empathetic which is great. It's a school at the end of the day so it's up to the student to express their passion and work hard."

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