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Ask Anna – How to use the new StudyLink website

Ask Anna – How to use the new StudyLink website

This month, StudyLink.com has received some exciting changes. Read on and I’ll tell you how to make the most of every feature…

Navigation Menus

We know that many of you like to browse the internet on your phones or your tablet computers. The main changes to StudyLink.com have made the website much easier to access on these devices, and one of these is what we’ve done with the navigation menus. The main menu is now hidden until you need it, shown and then hidden by pressing the menu button (something you may be familiar with from mobile phone apps).

With the main menu open, you can log in to your StudyLink account or easily browse all our information such as studying in certain subjects or studying at different destinations around the world.

StudyLink Menu

Open the main menu with the menu toggle button

We also wanted to make it as easy as possible to use our excellent course search, so we have added a search menu that you can shown and hide when you need it by pressing the search menu button (in the shape of a magnifying glass). The search menu puts the course search under your fingertips no matter where you have scrolled to on a page.

StudyLink Search Menu

Open the search menu with the search menu toggle button

The new navigation menus work the same way whether you are using a phone, tablet or full size computer to browse StudyLink.com, so you can be sure you know where you are at all times.

Shortlist Your Favourite Courses

A lot of the feedback we received from our users suggested that you wanted to be able to keep track of the courses you are interested in. With the new version of StudyLink.com, making a shortlist of your favourite courses is easy.

Every course you see when you search for a course has a shortlist button next to it (a grey button with an empty star). Just press this button for every course you want to save, and it is added to your shortlist. Easy! The shortlist button turns gold when it is saved. To remove a course from your shortlist just press the shortlist button again and it will turn grey. You need to sign up, or login if you have already signed up, to view your shortlist. Doing this also gives you the chance to sign up for our useful newsletters.

Studylink shortlist a course

Save your favourite courses with the shortlist button

Send Information Requests to Universities

If you like what you see in your course shortlist and you want to learn more, we have made it easy for you to request further information directly from the institution that runs each course. Log in to your StudyLink account (you will need to sign up first) using the login link in the left menu or on the top menu, and you will see a list of all the courses you have shortlisted. If you are already logged in, just press the shortlist button.

Some of the courses you see will have a green button labelled Enquire Now next to them. Click the button next to the course of your choice to open the enquiry form, in which you can write your message and request what information you would like to receive. You can also press the green button labelled Enquire To All to contact each applicable course in one go!

StudyLink Enquire

Request information about the courses you are interested in

Each enquiry you submit is sent directly to the institution running the course, where your enquiry will be read and responded to as soon as possible.

Read Our Handy Degree Guides

Many of you come to StudyLink when you are right at the very beginning of your study abroad adventure. If you are unsure what subject you want to study abroad, our new degree guides are perfect for you. We have guides available for many popular subjects, detailing the areas you will cover, the typical entry requirements and the skills and career prospects you can expect to gain from each course.

StudyLink Guide

Our degree guides provide helpful information for a range of subjects

Not only that, but each degree guide shows a selection of the courses available in that area, along with other related subject areas you can consider. Find the degree guides in each of our subject information pages by toggling the left menu and looking under the Subjects heading.

There is much more to explore across StudyLink.com including the informative articles in ourstudy abroad blog, helpful advice on our study abroad advice directory and of course our detailed course search. Get in touch with us on our Facebook page if you have any questions!

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